• All-Pro StarBlend Makeup Kit - Fair


  • $83.83

  • Description

    Includes: step-by-step instructions, five full size StarBlend Cake makeup containers (Alabaster, Soft Peach, Natural Beige Blush, Light Cinnamon, Contour) (7 gm/color) , Black and Brown Pencil Liners, Colorset Powder (0.25 oz), 3 E.Y.E Creams (0.3 oz), L.I.P Cream, Hair White, Stage Blood (0.5 oz), Modeling Putty/Wax (0.5 oz), Crepe Hair, Spirit Gum (0.25 oz), Liquid Latex (1 oz), 2 Cosmetic Brushes, 2 Foam Sponges, 2 Stipple Sponges, Powder Puff, Powder Brush and Makeup Remover (1 oz).

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