• Aloha Bay Feng Shui Candle Jar Earth - 16 oz

    Integral Yoga

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    EARTH INNER PEACE Cardamom Cinnamon Frankincense Patchouli FENG SHUI Earth Inner Peace ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS No Synthetic Scents 100 HOUR CANDLE Pure Vegetable Palm Wax 16 oz Jar These Palm Wax candles reflect the ancient principles of Feng Shui, where individual colors represent the Five Elements of Nature, which are associated with personal, social and spiritual qualities. EARTH Inner Peace Qualities: Confidence, Patience, Stability, Moral Strength Palm Oil Facts: Perennial Trees: can host a diversity of forest fauna. Ancient Crop: GMO free, drought and pest resistant. Less Land Use: 10 times more oil per acre than soy. More Employment: tree care requires many workers.

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