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    Noodler's Ink

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    The Noodler's Ink Standard Nib Piston Fill Gray Fountain Pen. Styled to resemble classic 1960s designs, this series is made from a special celluloid derivative that is similar to vegetal resin. The piston seal is made of a unique type of nylon, the same material used in high-end piston fill pens. The stainless steel nib is tipped with hard platinum that complements the series' vast array of color choices. The edge of the cap is banded for long term stability and possesses no internal restrictions.

  • Does not come with ink. Needs to be purchased Separately.
  • Based off of a classic 1960s design.
  • Possesses a classic bow windowed ink chamber.
  • Made of a special, high-end celluloid derivative.
  • The piston seal is made of high end materials.
  • Stainless steel nib tipped with hard platinum.
  • Uses a classic feeding system.
  • Edge of cap is banded for long term stability.
  • Cap has no internal restrictions.


    • Genuine Product from Noodler's Ink. Buy from Authorized Major dealer only , with confidence.
    • Brand New Product. Guaranteed for quality.

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