• Amber Organic Nectar 46.0 OZ

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  • Description

    Sweet Yet Healthy Nectar Try Agave Nectar Amber if you're on a look out for a substitute for sugar or artificial sweetener. This pure and natural sweetener is great for those who like to watch their diet. It's a plant-based sweetener that's healthier than normal sugar. This sweetener can be used to cut down on your calorie intake. Low in glycemic index Naturally sweetened Made from the blue Agave plant Contains exclusive organic ingredients With Agave Nectar Amber in your kitchen, you no longer need to hold those cravings for sweets as it's a fat-free choice that can be used in place of sugar or other sweet agents. Just For You:  Those who like their food to be naturally sweetened  Essential Elements:  This is an ideal sugar substitute that's generated in a natural manner from Agave plants. It holds a flavor like that of maple and can be used in place of brown sugar, molasses or maple syrup. Free of:  Gluten, GMO, additives and preservatives

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