• American Dog Toys Fetch and Glow Ball, Large, Orange

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    Remember the original Buddy's Glow Ball dog toys? Well now they're back and even better! The new Fetch & Glow® Ball from Balls 'n Bones® is modeled after the original design. Fetch & Glow® Balls have the same great quality but now come in bright glowing colors YOU can choose! The Fetch & Glow® Ball is made from a durable plastic that's soft enough for your dog to grab but durable enough to handle even the toughest dog. Made from 100% non-toxic materials, the flexible plastic won't tear or crease uder normal use. Thick enough to give the ball weight for throwing long distances, the Fetch & Glow® ball is designed not to "over-bounce" frustrating your dog or sending them where you don't want them to go. Fetch & Glow® Balls are specifically made for your dog's needs and are great for retrieving. Safe and loads of fun, the Fetch & Glow® Ball will last as long as your dog can find it! Just expose the ball to light for 15-20 minutes and you're ready to go. Fetch & Glow® balls have the luminescence already mixed into the plastic so they never lose the ability to recharge. Great for both day & night-time play, the hollow-airtight design also allows them to float making them great for water sports! Available in different sizes and colors that you can choose, the Fetch & Glow® Ball is hours of fun for both you and your dog.

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