• Angel Sales Motion Activated Bed Side Light, 2 pack

    Angel Sales

  • $11.69

  • Description

    The motion activated Bedside Light is the perfect way to brighten any space in the room from the comfort and warmth of your bed.  It is able to detect motion up to 12 feet away and illuminates the area with super-bright LED bulbs.   Simply wave your hand over the top of the unit to activate.  The bedside light remains illuminated for 25 seconds before automatically shutting off. It provides ample light for a bathroom break, allows you to see the time, answer the phone, search for the remote or take evening medications.  It is perfect for children's rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, storage rooms and closets. It provides emergency lighting in dark stairways, bedrooms or bathrooms.  It is also ideal for restrooms, closets and other areas, which do not need to be lit when unoccupied. Mount on a wall near the entrance to quickly provide added home security without additional wiring.  Super Bright LED Bulbs never need replacing and the wireless motion lights are easy to install and maintenance free.

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