• Animal Naturals K9 Healthy Gainer (1 lb)

    Animal Naturals/K9 Power

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  • Description

    K9 Healthy Gainer is designed to accomplish two goals. First, promote feeding response and appetite, even in stressed dogs. Second, help convert highly digestible calories into healthy weight. Its high density, lowresidue calories are customized for dogs attempting to add solid weight. Perfect for show, traveling and other stressed dogs. Highly palatable, sprinkle on regular meals to encourage feeding. Natural appetite and weight gainer. Ideal for traveling and show dogs. Contains high density, lowresidue calories, perfect for dogs attempting to add solid weight. Concentrated Calorie Content Natural Flavors Promotes Healthy Appetite Aids Normal Digestible Natural Antioxidants Digestive Enzymes, Amino Acids, Probiotics more

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