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    Mark My Time

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    There's no other product quite like it! Now you can accurately track children's required reading times to help take the work out of daily reading homework. Even read in the dark with the attached reading light! Made of durable polyethylene plastic it's available in three camo colors Blue, Pink, Green. With its slim form, it fits neatly between the pages of any book. At the top is a digital clock that's powered by a replaceable watch battery. Choose to set a countdown timer with alarm that alerts readers when they have completed their required reading time or set the cumulative timer which stores time over multiple reading sessions until the reader chooses to delete it. Or if you're in the dark, switch on the attached LED light for easy reading! Also ideal for timing music practice sessions, timed math fact activities, meetings, homework study sessions, cooking and interval training when exercising. Parents and teachers from across the country confirm that the mark-my-time digital bookmark is the best and easiest way to monitor reading time and keep kids excited about reading so they'll want to read more. Great for ages 5 and up. Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 7-3/4"

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