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    Anusara Yoga 101 (Double CD Set) - John Friend
    By all accounts this two-hour double CD is the most comprehensive, sophisticated and heart-opening yoga audio presentation ever produced. It is a detailed class/practice that covers the basic alignment principles of Anusara Yoga including Muscular Energy, Organic Energy, Inner & Outer Spiral, and key energy Loops. You can practice with both CDs from beginning to end for a complete practice that thoroughly covers major groups of poses such as standing poses, sun salutations, backbends, hip-openers, forward bends, twists, sitting meditation, and Savasana (deep relaxation). Or, you can use each disk as its own all-inclusive, one-hour practice routine. Each pose is self-contained on its own track on the CDs, so you can easily repeat, skip, shuffle, or index the various poses on each CD into your own custom routines. With over 40 different tracks on these 2 CDs, you can create an endless variety of customized postural sequences. The poses and the sequence are designed for all levels of students. The music of Anusara Yoga 101, composed by musical genius Benjy Wertheimer, blends the magical sounds of piano and woodwinds with traditional Indian instruments such as the Esraj, Tabla and Tamboura. Also featured on the soundtrack is the fantastic acoustic guitar music of renowned folk guitarist Michael Mandrell.

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