• Aquapac Medium Whanganui Waterproof Kindle/iPad Mini Case 658

    Liberty Mountain

  • $27.30

  • Description

    Product Overview
    This case will protect all sorts of electronic devices including the iPad Mini, Sony Readers and the Kindle 3. Meaning you can take your tablet wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do.
    Product Features and Benefits
    Read by the pool. Read IN the pool! This is the perfect lightweight waterproof tablet case. Just $32.
    You can read clearly through the optically-clear screen.
    It's made of a thin but remarkably tough material called TPU. Thin enough that you can operate everything normally through it, including capacitive touchscreens (Note: touchscreens do NOT work underwater).
    The patented Aquaclip® sealing system opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers. And everything stays in one piece even when open.
    The case is very light - only 2oz including the lanyard - and when not in use it rolls up into a little bundle.
    What Size Do I Need?
    This is the perfect size for an iPad Mini and other tablets with screens up to 7.9in.
    Extra Stuff
    Note: Some devices can be quite sticky. SHAKE the device in and out of the case, don't squeeze it.
    Extended Warranty
    Aquapac combines an unrivalled Full 5-Year Warranty with exceptional after-sales service. We very much doubt you'll get anything like it from any other brand.
    About Aquapac
    Aquapac is the world's favorite brand of 100% waterproof cases. We launched our first case way back in 1983. And since then we've been honored with the Queen's Award for Enterprise... three times!
    We're based in London, but our products are to be found on every continent. The vast majority of our products are made in the UK. People are trusting their valuables to our waterproofing, so it's absolutely crucial that our manufacturing is of the highest quality.

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