• Aquarium Light Bulb - Fluorescent 40 watt - 48" Long

    Penn Plax

  • $27.88

  • Description

    Penn Plax is a name that stands for Quality Innovation and Integrity. In the Pet Industry for over 50 years. Experience a great line of Pet Products in all categories!. Penn-Plax is committed to creating and manufacturing innovative pet products for first-time pet owners and serious hobbyists alike. Aq-lux fluor 40 watt 48 L tube - 40 watt - 122cm. Category: Aquarium supplies maintenance. Sub Category: Bulbs lighting. Cubes: 0.0021. Weight: 0.7800. Fluorescent aquarium light. Stimulates plant growth with low algae build up!. Enhances and intensifies natural color of fish and plants.

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