• arm/hand band for larger phones - left hand - black with pink

    HB Tune

  • $24.99

  • Description

    If you have ever been running with your smart phone first stuffed into an armband, then strapped around your arm and had a problem finding the screen that is now sliding around on your arm as you try to change a song - the HB Tune is for you! It has a unique design that allows you to securely hold your phone firmly in your hand. Simply slide your phone into the pouch and strap it on your hand - that's it! If you also happen to be one of the many runners who holds your phone in your hand while you run, you can now relax. No more gripping tightly or worrying about dropping it when you are on your run - the HB Tune hand band will now hold it securely in your hand for you. The HB tune hand band allows you to concentrate on your run, not your phone! Some help in deciding whether to order a right hand or left hand unit: If you are typically a righty, you should order a left hand version and vice versa. Please also note that these are not sharp objects, so if you order the wrong handed unit, you should still be fine

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