• Arm Protection - X-Small


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  • Description

    For more than 20 years XeroSox Ltd has been manufacturing XeroSox® bandage and cast covers for health professionals, medical distributors, hospitals and pharmacies around the world. The cast cover has a vacuum seal means it's absolutely waterproof. You can actually feel that it's secure and leak proof. 
    With the patented vacuum seal, XeroSox® is the only protector that cannot leak. XeroSox® fits snugly and comfortably, telling you that it is maintaining an airtight, absolutely waterproof seal before you even get in the water. There are no surprises. You feel this watertight seal while you are showering, bathing, or even swimming and splashing about. It fits so well, you can't even pull it off!
    You know that it isn't leaking because you can feel it!
    All other cast protectors are loose bags that just try to keep water out with a tight cuff. You can't tell if they are leaking or not, and when they move around or slip down, you get a leak.

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