• Around the World in 180 Days: A Multigrade Guide for the Study of World History, Geography, and Cultures (Student Workbook)

    Apologia Educational Ministries

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    Take your students on a grand tour of creation--one continent at a time! Payne's back to basics guide uses a notebook approach that's ideal for multilevel learning. Drawing information from a wide variety of resources, young explorers will dive into the geography, history, religion, current events, and culture of all seven continents and consider how to share the gospel to people from each. 
    Using an atlas, encyclopedia, textbooks, or the recommended list of literature and library books, students will find geographical elements, define new terms, describe the geography of a certain area, and write down their own thoughts, answer essay questions, create projects, respond to literature, and answers other questions about the people and places they're studying around the world! 195 perforated non-reproducible pages, softcover. 2nd Edition.

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