• Art Crime

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    Art. "Master collage artist Winston Smith snips glorious and terrible tree flesh from the magazines of our mind and pastes it.  A mind is a terrible thing to paste.  And Glorious!" --Wavy Gravy. "Collage is artistic monkey business which is quietly threating to become a fad.  If it succeeds in this it will be, like Dadaism, another harmless little hoax perpetrated upon the art-loving public" --Life Magazine, 1943. "We live in a hi-tech robber-baron era as toxic and vicious as the rise of the industrial revolution ... The relentless bombardment of tabloid anti-news and advertsising overkill numbs and isolates us from each other and our own humanity. We are told we are not a community, but a marketplace ... Is plucking someone else's creation from its original context ... a legitimate way to communicate? In an age where it gets harder to tell where the cartoon ends and real life begins, the answer is a billboard size YES" -- Jello Biafra (from the Foreward). "Winston Smith's use of pop magzine images keeps in sharp focus the ever encroaching apocalyptic nightmare" -- S. Clay Wilson.

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