• Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil, 10 Packets, 1.19 oz (33.7 g) Each

    Artisana Organic Foods

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  • Description

    Evolutionary Organic Creations 100% Organic Extra Virgin For Food, Body and Love Feed your skin. Feed your body. Artisana's Organic Raw Coconut Oil is a luxurious unrefined oil with the natural aroma of fresh coconut. A perfect complement for your active lifestyle and on-the-go activities. Indulge yourself right now! The perfect oil for use as a cooking oil or body oil and for creating your favorite raw chocolates or desserts. Rub it on your body and your tongue - or both - in any way that pleases you! Go ahead... spread it on, rub it around and eat it up! The healthy vegan alternative to margarine or dairy butter used for spreading and baking. Convenient packets for travel. Now you can fly with your favorite body oil!

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