• Arundale Squirrel Away Pole Baffle, Clear, 17" dia.

    BestNest Distributing

  • $39.99

  • Description

    Pole Mounted Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle-Clear The Fort Knox of Baffles Attach to any hanging bird feeder to provide the same protection and weather proofing that the comes with the Sky Cafe and Mandarin feeders. Making the world a safer place, one bird feeder at a time. Backyard bird feeders who have become frustrated with the failure of "wide disc" type of squirrel baffle commonly sold in discount hardware stores in stopping squirrels from accessing hanging feeders, the Our Baffle squirrel baffle offers welcome relief. The baffle comes with two washers and a clamp to attach to a pole. Squirrels get around the "wide disc" by momentarily holding to the hanging chain or wire with their back toes, and somersaulting down to the feeder. The funnel shape of the Baffle puts an end to these antics. Dimensions: 17" dia. Construction: 100% durable recycled Plexiglass Mounting: may be hung Mfg. Warranty: Lifetime warranty In Stock-Ships Fast

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