• ARY Kapoosh Knife Block Black


  • $9.74

  • Description

    Kapoosh knife blocks take the hassle out of storing and organizing your knives – no more rummaging through a drawer full of mismatched cutlery or searching to find the pesky slot in a traditional wooden knife block. From your standard chef’s knife or boning knife to the kitchen shears or honing steel, there is a spot for every shape and size in the Kapoosh. If you have a kitchen and use knives, this slotless knife block is for you!   With its patented rod technology conforms to the shape of each knife and holds it in place anywhere in the block, making it easier to mix and match knife sets. Food-grade flex rods won’t chip or dull your knife blades. Flex rods are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe. Smooth finish easily wipes clean. Non-skid rubber feet keep block from sliding. The Dice Block comes in three finishes; Light Oak Woodgrain, Black Woodgrain and Bamboo Wood. Try the universal, organize and store all your knives block!

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