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    Quit It! DRP-PTS-1000 118ml Instant Pet Training Spray

    Pet Training As Easy As a Touch of a Button

    Quit It is the Instant Pet Trainer that will help to lessen the stress both you and your pet endure when it comes to discipline. If you are sick of trying ineffective or expensive pet training methods that just don’t work, then it’s time to try Quit it!

    • STOPS barking, jumping, stealing food and any other bad behavior
    • Emits a 'hiss', using just all-natural pressurized air
    • Instant results and ideal for travel
    • Just a simple press of a button and your pet will freeze in their tracks
    Stop Unwanted Barking
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    Training Your Cat or Dog Has Never Been Easier!

    Quit It Instant Pet Trainer gives you up to 300 sounds per can to correct bad behaviors such as barking, whining at night, and stopping destructive or annoying habits. After all, why beg them to stop when you can take back control in a safe and effective way that will give you peace of mind and a well mannered pet!

    Use at least 3 feet away and not direct at the pet. Point nozzle away from self and others. Pull trigger in short bursts as needed. Replace the cap when not in use

    Stop Unwanted Behaviors
    All Natural Way to Correct and Train Your Pet

    Quit It is the all natural way to correct and train any pet’s bad behavior because it works with their own natural instincts without any direct physical contact. Simply press the button and the can makes a hissing sound of a snake when there is danger, triggering an alarm within your pet that makes them instantly stop their action and pay attention.

    While Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer may be effective on most cats and dogs, it will not work for every pet. It is important that Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer is used cautiously and responsibly so that it does not traumatize or frighten your pet. Use only when your pet is displaying unwanted behavior.

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