• Atomic LCD Wall or Desk Clock with 2.5" Numbers, Temperature & Humidity


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  • Description

    Synchronized with the cesium fountain clock in Fort Collins, Colorado, this 
    "atomic" clock sets itself automatically so you don't have to... and it's always 
    accurate! It also displays the date, temperature, and relative humidity using 
    great big LCD digits.  Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
    Atomic LCD wall/desk alarm clock with 2.5" time numbers.  Date, day of the week, 
    temperature and humidity reading.  Has stand for desk use.  Three mounting holes 
    in back so clock will not need straightening on the wall.  Measures 11" wide X 
    9.75" high X 1" deep.
    Alarm Clock for Wall or Desk Use
    Stand for Table Use or Wall Mount
    Atomic Time Set from Radio Signal
    High Visibility (2.5" high Time Numbers)
    Displays Temperature,  Humidity, Day and Date
    Quickly adjusts for daylight savings time
    Brand: Ken-Tech
    Model: T-4680

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