• Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang, The

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    In This groundbreaking book, Gao Ji Wu reveals some of Ba Gua Zhang's formerly "secret" techniques, offering an in-depth look at Ba Gua's 72 Techniques (Qi Shi Er Zhao) and the 64 Hands (Liu Shi Si Shou) as they were passed down from the great boxer Liu De Kuan, himself a student of Dong Hai Chuan. The 72 Techniques have never before been presented in their entirety, and are key self-defense applications that make Ba Gua an effective fighting art. The 64 Linear forms, or 64 Hands, are direct practical applications of Ba Gua's characteristic circular Palm Changes.

    This Chinese-English dual-language edition contains hundreds of beautifully sized photos that clearly illustrate the movements and their self-defense applications. Included are rare photos of the renowned Ba Gua master Gao Zi Ying (Gao Ji Wu's father) performing the 72 Techniques.

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