• Auriderm Vanishing Gel (for purpura) 50 g


  • $70.00

  • Description

    Auriderm Vanishing Gel helps to improve the appearance of chronic purpura. Purpura is bleeding underneath the skin that looks like a bruise.  This bleeding can be caused by weakened blood vessel walls or by repeated trauma - even just a bump.  Purpura can be embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious.  The use of Auriderm Vanishing Gel can help to strengthen blood vessel walls, as well as reduce or eliminate the pooled blood (hemosiderin) underneath the skin.  Auriderm's unique patented ingredient, Vitamin K Oxide, activates the body's natural healing process to help eliminate the unsightly discolorations.  Auriderm Vanishing Gel clears most purpura in six to eight weeks when no new injury occurs.

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