• Automoblox Mini HR-1 Hotrod Coupe

    Automoblox Company, LLC.

  • $15.00

  • Description

    Automoblox is an award-winning legacy toy line consisting of modular wooden vehicles that encourage young minds to build cars and trucks of their own design. Each Automoblox car features the character and heirloom charm of a classic wooden toy, fused with an updated modern design. The Mini HR1 is a flashy addition to the collection and is one of the coolest Hot Rods around. This one of a kind Hot Rod features the universal connector system, enabling the rapid interchange of parts so that drivers can expand their creative play to take on new adventures.
           A reinvention of the clasic wooden car toy, Automoblox is a fusion of heirloom craftsmanship and ultra-modern design, transformed into a mix-and-match building system that allows kids to create car styles as unique as their own imaginations. Interlocking components interchange with all other full-size Automoblox models. For ages 3 & up.

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