• Automoblox Mini HR1/Mini HR2/Mini HR3 (3-Pack)

    Automoblox Company, LLC.

  • $499.50

  • Description

    This Automoblox Hot Rod mini 3-pack allows playtime to be fun and creative with these sleek new additions. These Auotomoblox Hot Rod minis still feature a universal connector syste, that enables the rapid interchange of parts and are conveniently sized, perfect for on-the-go car design. Car set features one HR1 Red/Black, HR2 Black/Grey, HR3 Red/Chrome Hot Rod. Change out wheels, rims, tops and the body to create your own Hot Rod Style.
           Automoblox are award winning toys consisting of modular wooden vehicles that encourages young minds to build cars, trucks and hot rods of their own design. Comes complete with a stylish body and then kids can add wheels, windows and unique customizing details.

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