• B. Alphaberry (Sea)

    Battat (Toysmith)

  • $7.50

  • Description

    Push any button. The letter is displayed and read aloud. Turn wheel for 3 screen colors. Toggle between 4 musical styles of the alphabet song.
           Cozy in little hands the B. Alphaberry makes learning the ABC's fun. Push any button and the letter displayed will be read aloud. The volume control allows you to decide the volume and the auto-off allows you to save battery life. The 4 musical styles of the alphabet song makes sure your wee one is always entertained. Packaging is reversible and turns into a gift box.  Packaging materials are 100% recycled and recyclable.  Requires 3-AAA batteries (included). Color: sea blue.  Every B. toy you buy gives 10₵ to FreeTheChildren.com.

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