• B. Parum Pum Pum

    Battat (Toysmith)

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  • Description

    Turn your child on to music? Try these jitterbugs. These ever-clever colorful toys in the key of "Bee Major" are just the thing to introduce your child to music: from the ant bells and caterpillar tambourine to the bee maracas and the big see-thru, carry-along drum with centipede drumsticks. Everything to create your own band and be as big as the Beatles. Drum measures 10" diameter x 9" High. Made of plastic. All instruments fit inside drum for transport and storage. FEATURES: Caterpillar Tambourine with Real Metal Cymbals, Ant Jingle Bells for Ringing, Bee Maraca is also a Clacker, Centipede Drumsticks to Supply the Rhythm, Lift the Lid to Store All Instruments in the Drum!

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