• Baby bottle and tube and nipple replacements

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    Your baby's bottle might well be the most essential baby item you need for a happy and healthy baby. The Podee Baby Bottles is a welcome solution to today's busy on-the-go parentsPlus a Tube & Nipple ReplacementWith a Podee Bottle your hands are free to hold your baby instead of the bottle, Safely feed your baby in a car seat while driving, at home, or while pushing a stroller, Or for dads who want to bond more with their babies. The Podee is like an extra set of hands.The tubing draws the liquid from the bottom of the bottle which limits the baby's air intake. Less air helps to prevent colic, baby gas & spit ups.Podee anatomy: Podee is comprised of two tubes, separated by a disk, that are attached to a nipple and screwed on to a bottle. When a baby sucks on the nipple, the fluid goes up the tubing and in to their mouth. This allows for completely hands-free feeding,The Podee Tube & Nipple Replacement contains what you need to make your Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle like new. It is important to replace tubes and nipples frequently as needed to prevent attracting bacteria.Inside the box is:1 8-ounce BPA-Free/Lead-Free Podee baby plastic bottles,3 silicone (clear) nipples + 1 nipple covers2 cap rings1 steel tube cleaning brush10 tubing straws (Five 6" and Five 11")1 nipple adapter & 1 disk connectorCleaning Warning: Before each use wash all parts with soap and water. Rinse tubes with warm water. All parts (except for tubes) may be sterilized in boiling water for one minute. Use tube cleaning brush to clean openings in adapter, disk and tubes, Dishwasher and steamer safe.

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