• BabyMoon Pillow - For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Minky Pink Dot Cuddle)

    BabyMoon Pillow

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    The Baby Moon Pillow is designed as a head support to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (plagiocephaly) from 0-6 months, and for neck support from 6-12 months.  Its unique functionality allows it to be used as a head support or neck support by attaching or detaching the two arms.   Pillow dimensions: 10" x 10" x 3".  Pillow covers are either minky soft 100% polyester or 100% cotton, depending on the fabric design.
    Head Support - The two arms can be attached to make a head support by overlapping the ends of the right arm (Velcro arm) and the left arm. The Velcro under the right arm sticks to the white portion on the upper side of the left arm to create a secure attachment which prevents the head from falling through the opening. The circular opening of the pillow cradles the back of the head while providing comfortable placement and optimal positioning. The length of the white portion allows the pillow to be adjusted to various sizes. Recommended for 0-6 months.
     Neck Support - Recommended for 6 to 12 Months. Once the two arms are detached, the Velcro should be covered with the Peak-a-Boo cover located on the upper side of the right arm. The Peak-a-Boo cover is the self-fabric flap which should be turned inside out to hide the Velcro in order to avoid irritation to the skin. 
    Babymoon Pillow has been tested under a reasonable program of testing (including testing by a certified third-party laboratory where required) and the Babymoon Pillow complies with all Federal and state consumer product safety rules, bans, standards or regulations applicable to the Babymoon Pillow.
     ***The Babymoon pillow should not be used as a head support or pillow to sleep on for any infant over 6 months of age or for any infant that can roll over from back to front, as this may cause a suffocation hazard.

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