• Back-A-Line Deluxe L


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  • Description

    The Back-A-Line Belt is a back support belt with a unique, patented design which reduces back pain, prevents injury, and promotes good posture. Unlike elastic back supports which only treat the symptoms of back pain, Back-A-Line is designed to combat the actual cause.

    *Tapered for waist to hip differential.
    *Strong Velcro straps hold belt snugly in position.
    *No shoulder straps.
    *Washable, breathable
    *Worn over or under clothing
    *Orthopedically correct
    *Curved to promote correct posture
    *8" tall, supports full range of lumbo-sacral spine.
    *Activates back muscles.
    *Grooved to bridge spine
    *Reduces back fatigue

    Back-A-Line is like no other back support on the market! Because it is firm instead of elastic, it provides consistent support, while typical elastic back supports give out when you need them most! Back-A-Line has been praised by chiropractors, sports physicians, and other health professionals.

    Sizing: Waist in Inches. Style #
    XSmall: 23 to 27 inches; #BABKXS
    Small: 27 to 32 inches; #BABKSM
    Medium: 31 to 36 inches; #BABKME
    Large: 35 to 40 inches; #BABKLG
    XLarge: 39 to 44 inches; #BABKXL
    2X: 43 to 48 inches; #BABK2X
    Other sizes sold separately. To locate other sizes on Amazon, just type in the Style number shown above next to the size in search.

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