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    Did you know that prolonged sitting is the leading cause for low back pain and injury, second only to heavy weight lifting? Did you know that the physical inactivity of prolonged sitting has been officially linked, by American Institute for Cancer Research, with several common cancers? Researches show that up to 28% of breast cancer and 25% of colon cancer are attributed to the physical inactivity. Do you want to reduce or prevent pain, stiffness or fatigue in your lower back? Do you want to reduce the physical inactivity of sitting? Simply by adopting it in your daily life, the revolutionary Back Vitalizer will provide back pain relief, stiffness prevention and fatigue reduction for your lower back. The secret lies in its proprietary air-controlled core that instantly conforms to user's body and provides ongoing neuromuscular stimulation and exercises to the deep stabilizing muscles in lower back and functional balance. It allows Back Vitalizer effectively help you improve sitting posture, reduce back pain, and prevent physical inactivity, while strengthening your lower back, enhancing your core stability and postural stability. Like a good foundation to a strong house, Back Vitalizer helps boost your body's endurance, improve the health of your spine, extend its healthy life span and provides you with back pain relief, by supporting your healthy posture from ground up.

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