• Bad Blue Heron 3 oz.

    Noodler's Ink

  • $12.50

  • Description

    BAD Blue Heron, first in a new series of inks from Noodler's with advanced Bulletproof* qualities - qualities designed to further frustrate forgers.
    (Blue Herons are BAD because they are known to eat catfish, Noodler's mascot.) 
    This listing is for a 3 oz. bottle of Noodler's ink in Bad BLUE Heron. The ink is new, current product directly from the manufacturer. The bottle is glass with a distinctive Noodler's label, and an outside Noodler's box. The label has a unique illustration of a [criminal] Blue Heron and [Warden] Catfish with a shotgun. 
    This ink is all U.S. made - ink, bottle, cap, printing & packaging
    *Bulletproof -- Some Noodler's inks have a Bulletproof identity. These inks are waterproof, bleach-proof and lightfast -- what Noodler's calls Bulletproof. The Bulletproof quality comes when the ink makes contact with the cellulose in paper -- this is a chemical reaction, so the ink remains water-soluble as far as pen parts go.

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