• balancing skin toner

    4VOO distinct man

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    neglecting toner - an important part of your skin care ritual - is like waxing a high-performance automobile without properly detailing it. cleansing removes dirt on the surface, but only by toning do you get a deep clean that removes impurities and excess oils from your face. when shaving creams, moisturizers, colognes, and other products are applied without first toning, it seals in the remaining pollutants and contaminants - just like wax on a dirty Porsche. our alcohol-free balancing skin toner infused with silk and peptides is a luxurious multi-tasker that will leave your face feeling rejuvenated and energized, as it gently and effectively. expertly formulated with natural extracts, using advanced science and dermatology, our proprietary blend of ingredients has created a luxurious product that purifies, clarifies, and moisturizes; all while reinforcing the skin's barrier for healthier, more luminous skin, leaving your face a clean canvas for a brand new day. our facial balancing toner for men infused with silk and peptides is an essential step in your skin care ritual.

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