• Ballet BodySculpt

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

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    Strengthen and tone your entire body using athletic, graceful movements with special attention on challenging your arms, abs, thighs and butt. Get consistent, easy to follow cues which make a huge difference in your results. After warming up, start with an intense standing butt and leg toning section using ballet inspired exercises done with a chair. No dance training, ballet barre or weights are necessary!
    On the floor, use you own body's weight and a small inflatable ball to shape and define your muscles. Your butt will feel smaller and your abs will feel tighter and your arms will get stronger the very first time you do this workout.  The routine is 45 minutes long and is broken down into 6 sections and is shot it outside in Montana
    "I enjoyed every minute of designing this workout for you and I got in the best shape of my life rehearsing it."
    Tools you need:  ballet or soft slippers, a sturdy chair with no arms and a small 7 " inflatable ball.

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