• Bananagrams AND Appletters AND PairsinPears (3 Game Set) ORDER 1 OF EACH ITEM TO MATCH AMAZON LISTING


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  • Description

    The fruit word game assortment includes Bananagrams, Appletters, and Pairs in Pears. Great word games for kids of all ages. * Appletters is a domino-like game for ages six and up where players connect letters instead of dots. * Banangrams is a scrabble-like game but without the board. Using a selection of 144 plastic letter tiles, each player works independently to create their own 'crossword'. When a player uses up all their letters, all players take a new tile from the pool. When all the tiles are gone, the first player to use up all the tiles in their hand wins. * Pairs in Pears is a portable, compact spelling game. Inside a pear-shaped pouch are letter tiles featuring various designs (dots, lines, blank and solid). A fun way for children to develop memory and cognitive skills while learning alphabetical order, word construction, consonants, and vowels, vocabulary, rhyming, etc.

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