• Basswood Country Rounds, 9"-11" Diameter

    Horizon Hobby

  • $11.99

  • Description

    Our solid Basswood rounds have hundreds of uses in arts, crafts hobbies and for home decor. They were originally created as the perfect Woodburning surface, but Basswood is also easy to carve, ideal to paint, decoupage, stamp and decorate. Most often they are now seen as rustic plate chargers for picnics, parties and weddings or as signs. Drill a hole and make a unique clock for someone you love. paint with chalkboard paints as a message board. This Made in America product is sold by width increments only and may appear oval in shape due to the angled cut. All pieces are kiln dried and sanded by Walnut Hollow to ensure the natural tree bark is retained. The width will be between 9-inches (228mm) and 12-inches (305mm) wide by 5/8-inches (16mm) thick. The length will vary as this is a natural product. There may be a small amount of dust from the bark when the package is first opened.

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