• Bath & Shower Crème/Pump 300ml

    C.O. Bigelow

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  • Description

    Great Barrier Island Bath and Shower Creme 300ml/10fl.oz. This moisturizing Bath and Shower Cream combines Manuka Honey and Sweet Almond oil providing a luxurious aromatic blend to gently cleanse, nourish and beautifully rejuvenate your body. This formulation is a natural pearl color derived from Manuka Honey. NO parabens, NO synthetic colours. With the Great Barrier Island covered in an abundance of native Manuka Trees and little else the early pioneers were quick to recognize the potential of producing pure Manuka Honey and understanding the health and wellbeing benefits it offered. Now through modern research Manuka Honey is found to have properties which assist to protect and repair sensitive skin. Today, over 100 years on, this beautiful island still produces the finest Manuka Honey through a small 
    group of dedicated apiarists who tend to their hives in this remote location. 
    Great Barrier Island Bee Company is proud to be able to share this 'liquid gold' 
    with you by blending it in all of the products available in this beautiful range. Through respect to the pioneers and those who currently work the land, Great Barrier Island Bee Company has created an iconic range which is a reflection of the Great Barrier Island and all it has to offer.

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