• Bay State Blue 3 oz

    Noodler's Ink

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    At the end of World War II a colonial style blue ink was made in Boston, Massachusetts. Similar to a cobalt blue - though not an acid ink, it replicated an extremely intense blue ink from a much earlier era.Baystate Blue is Noodler's conventional version of the classic colonial era blue with the color intensity of the later 1940s version, all this but avoiding the acidity of the earlier inks through the use of different/modern components. This ink was not made with mixing in mind. This ink is unique and has a different pH than other Noodler's Inks - being slightly more alkaline as indicated on the label. The penetration rate and dry time are classic - though should not require the use of blotting paper and pounce powders unless one requires instant dry times. The manufacturer hopes that when you place the pen to the page - this color jumps out before your eyes with that vibrancy of the rebellious inks mad King George so vehemently disliked!This listing is for a 3 oz. bottle of Noodler's ink in Baystate Blue. The product is new, current product directly from the manufacturer. The bottle is glass with a distinctive Noodler's label, and an outside Noodler's box. The label depicts two giant catfish spitting ink upon the golden dome of the Massachusetts state capitol. This ink is all U.S. made - ink, bottle, cap, printing & packaging

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