• BeetElite NeoShots - 1 Black Cherry POS

    Neogenis Laboratories

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    Sports nutrition fads come and go, but nature's way of working doesn't. Capitalizing on decades of nutritional research and Mother Earth's own recipes, BeetElite channels the science of the humble beetroot to produce the Neo Shot -- a product sworn up and down by certified nutritionists and elite athletes alike as being unlike anything else on the market. The key lies in BeetElite's Neogenis beetroot extract. Neogenis is dehydrated from beetroot via a proprietary dehydration method that leaves intact the nutrients that are so vital to BeetElite's performance enhancement. Specifically, the Neo Shot's four simple, organic ingredients combine to accelerate the body's delivery of nitric oxide to the muscles by approximately three times the normal rate. Natural sweeteners make for a great flavor, and they mean there are no processed sugars or other additives in BeetElite products that can dehydrate you later. The BeetElite Neo Shot Box comes in a box with ten individual packets. One packet mixed with four ounces of water comprises one serving. BeetElite recommends against ingesting more than two servings of Neo Shot within 24 hours.

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