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    Rep.  Jim McCune, Washington State congressman, in his newsletter: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 , was written by a woman who was able to put into words her first-hand experiences of her harrowing journey defending property rights. It reads almost like a mystery or thriller. It's hard to put down, because you want to know what happens next.  G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island: " Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21  covers a tremendous amount of ground in a concise, well-written, and deeply insightful book.  Rosa lays bare the building blocks of tyranny from global to local that are the foundation of the UN's Agenda 21/Sustainable Development." 
           Rosa Koire, ASA, is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. She is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her nearly 30 years of experience analyzing land use and property value enabled her to recognize the planning revolution sweeping the country. While fighting to stop a huge redevelopment project in her city she researched the corporate, political, and financial interests behind it and found UN Agenda 21. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan. Rosa speaks across the nation and is a regular blogger on her website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com.

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