• Benchmark New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas

    Sterling Publishing

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    The New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas, the first atlas in the Benchmark series, has forever changed the way people see and use state atlases. Now in its third edition, this award winning Atlas (1995 Best Atlas Design, American Congress of Surveying and Mapping) uses Benchmark's exclusive Landscape Maps™, -- a unique cartographic style that combines terrain shading (relief) and altitude coloration.  

    The twenty-four pages of Landscape Maps™ show the topography and road network in a way that's both beautiful and practical at a scale of 1" = 8.3 miles (1:525,000). Roads are classified by importance--from Interstate highways to dirt roads--and all populated settlements and locales are shown and included in a comprehensive index . Each page has generous overlap with adjoining pages, and the new fourth edition includes all of the new recently completed four-lane divided highways.

    A separate section in the Atlas clearly shows ten different classifications of public lands, including national forests, national parks, BLM and Indian lands at the same scale as the Landscape Maps™ (1:525,000). The Atlas also includes street maps for Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell and Las Cruces and nine pages of recreation information.

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