• BetterRest Medium Leg Rest - For people 5'6 - 5'11

    Jobri/ Nubax

  • $68.95

  • Description

    Leg wedge with 1" visco memory foam on top of polyurethene foam. Custom contours to the legs, relieving lower back pain. Fabric: Natural for Wedges and TerryCloth Natural 14 oz. Foam: 1" Viscoelastic Memory Foam Top with Supportive Polyurethane Base. Size Medium for people 5"6"-5'11". Spine Reliever Memory Bed Wedge The bed and leg wedge system provides the ultimate in comfort and support. Designed for people with problem breathing, poor circulation, hiatus hernia, back or neck problems, acid indigestion or reflux. The product referenced on this detail page is sold be Each.

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