• BEYOND BRAZILIAN JUJITSU II - Escaping, Countering and Defeating a Formidable Combat Art - with Mark Hatmaker

    Paladin Press

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  • Description

    While the first volume in Mark Hatmaker's best-selling Beyond Brazilian Jujitsu series focused on the differences in approach from Western wrestling to Brazilian jujitsu, this explosive video production from Paladin Press specifically addresses how to defeat BJJ's formidable combat arsenal using Western scientific wrestling. There aren't any tricks or gimmicks here, but rather a collection of escapes and counters to Brazilian jujitsu's most effective moves, taught with Hatmaker's typical attention to detail and specificity. Included are arm bar beats from various body positions; choke counters, including several triangle and rear naked choke escapes; and a collection of foot lock counters. An experienced BJJ player is no joke, but you don't have to fear him: know what he's capable of and beat him at his own game. For information purposes only.

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