• Beyond the Promised Land: The Movement and the Myth (Provocations)

    Between The Lines / University of Toronto Press / Guernica

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    "David Noble's ruminations on leading themes of Western history, culture, and society—from the Gilgamesh epic and the Biblical narratives to contemporary neoliberal globalization and the reactions of the Zapatistas and the global justice movements—make fascinating reading, with provocative perspectives and novel insights, drawn from a rich variety of sources. They will be of great interest for those who want to understand the current world and its origins, and to those committed to constructive change." —   Noam Chomsky "David Noble's  Beyond the Promised Land  traces how abstract myths have shattered the settled social life of particular people in particular places, destroying biological and cultural diversity, breeding insecurity and unleashing the violence and ecological devastation, that characterize our times. In going to the roots of the myth of the promised land, Noble helps us understand our historical moment better. In celebrating the concrete, the here and now, Noble echoes the call of the women's movement, the ecology movement and cultural diversity and social justice movements and enables a fundamental paradigm shift that our future is in our hands. It is not determined by the myths of the powerful. A must read for intellectuals and activists." —   Vandana Shiva  (Noam Chomsky)
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