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    Tavern or Bar puzzle designs date back centuries. Crafted by blacksmiths to tease, challenge and entertain. These are rugged, old-fashioned looking puzzles. Often thought of as disentanglement-style or take-apart puzzles. They are forged from bent metal wrought iron with rings, shuttles, bow-shaped pieces and sometimes small chains. 

    BIG KAHUNA is constructed from solid steel. Measures approximately 12 inches stretched out. Object is to remove and then replace the large 3 inch diameter ring. Big Kahuna is a Level 3 "Difficult / Severe" Challenge.

    Tavern brand puzzles are hand crafted here in New York. They are grouped into four levels of ascending challenges:
    1 = Moderate / Starter;
    2 = Intermediate / Challenging;
    3 = Difficult / Severe;
    4 = Very Difficult / Very,Very Severe
    Your experience may differ.
    Levels 3 and 4 are quite difficult puzzles require learning multiple (8 to 15) consecutive movements to release the ring or shuttle. Many puzzlers might expend thousands of moves before reaching full success. Solve using clever movements and positioning of the various metal pieces. . NO FORCE is ever required.

    Puzzle comes in small cloth drawstring bag. Solution included.

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