• Bigelow Plantation Mint 20.0 BG

    Peter's Imports 2

  • $34.99

  • Description

    Individual Fresh Pack. Bigelow's Individual Flavor-Protecting Envelopes Ensure Great Taste and Freshness. Fresh and Flavorful with Natural Spearmint Leaves. Indulge in the Soothing Ritual of Tea. Sipped throughout the day, tea quenches, soothes, satisfies and delivers healthful antioxidants. From the wonderful aroma that fills the air the moment it starts steeping, you'll know that Bigelow tea is like no other.  To create each of our distinctive teas, we blend tender, hand-picked tea leaves from high-elevation gardens where the best teas are grown, then individually wrap our bags in flavor-protecting pouches to seal in its goodness.  Remember, adding a cup of Bigelow tea throughout your busy day can contribute to your overall well being.  So sot back, relax and make tea time your time to refresh mind, body and spirit.

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