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    In a world where people are increasingly disconnected from their immediate surroundings, biking allows us to experience more of what we've lost touch with.  Driving a car turns the fleeting environment into another television show that we watch from the temperature-controlled comforts of our cushioned bucket seats.  But with a bike, we become part of the show, every roadbump felt and every head wind faced head on.  The bicycle is a movement back to simplicity, stripping away the technological enhancements until all that is left is you and your surroundings.
    Rae Dunn's collection of dinnerware encapsulates the same simplistic essence of the Bay Area's bike culture, and perhaps,  bike culture everywhere.  Dunn, who lives in Berkeley, designed four sets of plates and mugs with her signature utilitarian aesthetic.  The grooves along the plates are almost reminiscent of the bumps along the road while the flat off-white color is almost like a silent protest to frivolity.  The natural form and the basic, unadorned look are movements back to simplicity, stripping away that which is unnecessary but leaving behind a sort of rudimentary charm.
    Each mug bears its own unique bicycle and its own unique statement:  BREATHE, TREK, CYCLE or PEDAL.

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