• Bink Link Pacifier Attacher in Ice Cream Scoops

    Bink Link

  • $20.98

  • Description

    Wood beads on this pacifier clip were designed in the style of the ice cream which kids just can't resist. Easy to use: Slip cord through pacifier and slide pacifier clip through to make a slip knot. Securely attach pacifier clip to child's clothing. Made of high quality materials.Pacifier clip tested for safety. Conforms to safety standards ASTM 963 and CPSIA. Features: Strong cord prevents breakage Lead free paint & metal clip Strong safety knots prevent beads from coming loose Colorfast cords prevent color from running Protects pacifier from germs when dropped Bink Links are tested by a trusted independent testing facility to comply with ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials): Tested for lead (and other dangerous heavy metals) in the paint and clip Mechanical tests to insure that they do not fall apart Flammability test Colorfast tests to insure that the coloring of the cord does not run (even with exposure to saliva, perspiration, or water) Item # 107

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