• Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Targets: Bull's-Eye SRC-5 12" Round 200 Yard (5 Pack)

    Green Supply

  • $11.83

  • Description

    Birchwood Casey Shoot - N - C Self - Adhesive Targets in 2 BIG sizes. Stick it! Hit it! See it clearly every time! Revolutionary Targets reveal each bullet hit with a brightly-colored ring! Upon impact, the targets explode in color visible to the naked eye from distance, letting you blast away without having to take a long walk or a long look through a spotting scope after every shot. These big dogs are perfect for long-range rifle shooting, 200 yds.+. The greater surface area makes them the perfect choice for use with muzzleloaders, shotgun slugs, and to show shotgun patterning. Get yours here, load up, and blast away! Have a blast: Instant feedback no need to walk down range or use spotters to see your shot; Maximum visibility chartreuse on black is easy to see; Perfect for all firearms and calibers; Great for indoor or outdoor use and low-light conditions; Self-adhesive backing lets you set up with ease; Each Target includes pasters that let you patch the Target up, extending its life. Order yours today! 12" Birchwood Casey Shoot - N - C Self - Adhesive Targets

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