• Bird On Basketball: How-to Strategies From The Great Celtics Champion

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    Larry Bird, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for the three years 1984–1986 and the Boston Celtics’ star since 1979, shares his insights on one of America’s favorite games. Now completely updated to include statistics and photographs from the 1987-88 season, Bird on Basketball puts fans right on the court. With over 100 dramatic action photos, charts, and diagrams, this how-to guide covers all the building blocks of the game—passing, shooting, defense, dribbling, and rebounding—from a champion’s point of view. But as every fan knows, Larry Bird doesn’t just play basketball—he wins. Bird pounds the boards, charges fearlessly to the hoop, and plays a bruising brand of defense. Yet his true strength is his mastery of the game’s subtle elements. In Bird on Basketball he emphasizes the little things that add up to big victories with tips on moving without the ball, rebound positioning, court sense, being a team player, and training. Bird on Basketball is an all-out effort to give fans and students of the game an inside look at how basketball should be played.

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