• Bird Sitter DVD

    Diamond Avian (A-G)

  • $39.99

  • Description

    Extra, Extra, Extra!  Features Galore!  The #1 Best Selling Videos in the World Produced Exclusively for Pets to Watch!    Our goal in producing the bird sitter video was to create a video that would give your pet birds the opportunity to experience life the way they were meant to. This Video/DVD exposes your bird to the sights and sounds of hundreds of parrots enjoying everyday life in a flock. this Video/DVD will give youor bird mental stimulus making him happier and healthier. A daily dose of the Bird Sitter Video is like giving your bird a self-esteem vitamin!      The Bird Sitter DVD is filled with extras!   Introduction, Viewing Tips     Bird Sitter Continious Loop    5 Bonus Music Sound Tracks!       Now your bird will never have to be home alone!

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